Activities are the way to drive action in hc1. The three types of activities in hc1 are cases, tasks, and memos. These are marked with distinct icons throughout hc1.


A case is a problem you’re working to solve for a customer or an organization- or campaign-related goal you are working to achieve. The deadline is undefined—you might find a solution the same day, or the issue might be ongoing. You can add tasks and memos to cases that require completing several actions or gathering information. By using a case, you can track common root causes and corrective actions and describe how an issue was resolved.

A task is an action with a deadline. It can stand on its own as a single organization-related action or be part of a series of actions necessary to resolve a case, land an opportunity, run a campaign, or satisfy a contact or patient. You can associate a memo with a task to gather the data necessary to complete the action.

A memo is useful information related to an organization, contact or provider, patient, case, opportunity, campaign, or task.

You can connect external forms, pictures, and other documents (see Attachments) and hc1 records (known as related items), such as providers and orders, to activities so that all the information you need to take action is in one place.

In order to display activity list information promptly, hc1 updates it only when a user saves an activity. That means, for example, that if you change an organization name, that change doesn't automatically occur in all the records listed on the organization's Activities tab. The organization name will change the next time a user opens and saves the activity.

When you create activities, you can save a few clicks by using the activity icons in Search