Campaigns are an hc1 record type that provides a way to communicate a defined message to a targeted audience and to create and track follow-up activities related to that audience and message. An audience can consist of hc1 contacts, providers, or patients. A message template is a formatted page of standard images, text, links, and variables that you can customize for a specific campaign message.

Note: In order to see any information about patient campaigns, you must have permission to view PHI.

To access campaign information, click Campaigns near the top of the hc1 page. This page has two tabs: Campaigns and Message Templates. Each of these has the standard hc1 custom list features.

To view a campaign, click  next to the campaign name or click the campaign name itself. Campaigns have three main sections:

  • The General Information tab lists the campaign number, campaign type, and target type. The Campaign Type is a category of marketing activity, such as conference. Target type is either contact or patient. The Activities subtab lists the cases, tasks, and memos related to this campaign. The Messages subtab lists what messages have been sent from this campaign. You can filter and customize these lists just as you would any other lists in hc1. Click the activity or message icon on a row to open that individual activity or message.
  • The Audience tab lists the current audience members for the campaign. You add new audience members, assign campaign stages, and send campaign messages from this tab.
  • The Message Templates tab lists the templates you have created for that specific campaign, which you can send to that campaign’s audience.

To view a global message template that you can copy for use on any campaign, on the Message Templates tab, click  next to the message template name or click the message template name itself. Message templates have three subtabs.

  • On the Email tab, you can use the Template Composer toolbar and menus to format a standard email to be used as the basis for messages emailed to campaign audiences. Email templates can include images, tables, color, text formatting, hyperlinks, and personalization fields.
  • The SMS tab is where you set a shorter version (less than 1,000 characters) of the message template to send via text message. SMS templates can include hyperlinks and personalization fields.
  • The Attachments tab is where you upload attachments to be sent with messages that use this template. For more information, refer to the Attachments section.

Note: The total size of all the attachments on a message template can’t be more than 10M.

For an overview of this topic, watch the Campaign Management video or download the illustrated Campaign Management tipsheet. The Campaign Messaging video provides an in-depth look at how to design a campaign message and send it to an audience.