You can find lists on the main navigation pages (Collaboration Center, Organizations, Contacts, Activities, and Opportunities) and the tabs on individual record pages. These lists are laid out in the same way with the same filtering and sorting tools so that you can find what you need quickly no matter where you are in hc1.

The box at the top left of the list shows which custom list you are seeing. To see a different list, click  and then click the one you want in the list that appears.

hc1 comes with standard lists for the most common sets of filters and displayed information. Your system administrator also can create custom lists specific to your company’s needs and make them available to everyone. You can create your own custom lists, too. See Create a Custom List. To quickly sort your records according to simple criteria, see Display Different Columns and Filter a List.

Click an underlined column heading once to sort a list by that column. Click the heading again to change the sort order of that column. An arrowhead appears to show whether the order is ascending or descending.

On the left side of a list, click  to open a list item in edit mode. Click the detail icon or a list item’s name or subject to open that item’s information page in view mode.

Note: To remove an item from the list, click  on the right-hand side of the list. This action makes the item inactive so that it doesn’t turn up in searches, but it doesn’t delete the item from hc1 entirely. You can create a list that filters for inactive records if you need to reactivate an item.

The numbers at the bottom of the list page show how many active records are in the list. The range shows what range of records are currently displayed, and the “out of” number shows the total number of records in the list. If you have more than 1,000, it says “more than 1,000.”

You can use the page controls to navigate through your list:

First page
  Previous page
Next page
 Last page

To jump to a specific page, type the page number in the Page box and click Go.

You can display more rows on a page by choosing a different number from the Rows Per Page drop-down list. Your choices are 10, 25, 50, and 100. When you make this change on one list, it carries through to all of your custom list pages. The setting stays in place until you change it, so it will be there the next time you log in to hc1.

Note: If you choose 50 or 100, lists will take a little bit longer to load.

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