Sales representatives and managers and others involved in lead generation create opportunities. Opportunities are ways to track the potential business growth for new prospects and current clients. In hc1, you can track wins, losses, and forecasts. Opportunities are revenue based and are based on the stage of the sales process. For example, an initial meeting with a prospective client who happens to work in a neurology clinic may only have a 10% probability of resulting in that clinic becoming a client. However, a second meeting, where a proposal is presented, may have a 50% probability of that prospect becoming a client. Opportunities are also associated with projected estimated revenue based on the probability of winning the business.

Just like you can with cases, you can create tasks and memos for opportunities.

To see an overview of this topic, watch our video on opportunities.
In order to display opportunity list information promptly, hc1 updates it only when a user saves an opportunity. That means, for example, that if you change an organization name, that change doesn't automatically occur in all the opportunities listed on an organization's Activities tab. The organization name will change the next time a user opens and saves the opportunity.
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