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July 13, 2018 ProviderView™ Release

Managed care data on thousands more post-acute care destination organizations is now available in this release of ProviderView™!

Previously, the referral data analysis tables only listed claim information that included both a source and destination organization. However, most of the available managed care data doesn’t include source organization information. To make sure we are providing you as much information as possible, we offer you the option to display “Unknown” in the Source column in these cases and list all the destination organization information we have.

To see this additional destination organization information:

  1. From the Organizations dashboard, open the PAC Referral Claims section’s Destination Organization menu.
  2. For the Unknown Sources filter, choose Yes.
  3. Click Apply.

This release also delivers a couple of improvements related to the Organization detail page’s PAC Referral Claims source/destination toggle:

  • When you click an organization name in the PAC Referral Claims referral data analysis table to open the details page, the source/destination toggle is set according to which column you clicked. Before, organizations that could be either a source or a destination (skilled nursing facilities, for example) were set to show destinations on the details page. Now, we factor in which column you choose the organization from, not just the organization’s name. So when you click an organization in the Destination column, the details page will always be set to show referral sources, and when you click an organization in the Source column, the details page will always be set to show referral destinations.
  • The sources/destinations toggle has an explanatory label. We added “Showing this organization’s” before the sources/destinations value so that it’s clear what information the charts and referral data analysis columns are showing.

If you are interested in adding ProviderView to your hc1 subscription, contact your hc1 account manager. For more information about ProviderView, refer to the hc1 ProviderView section of Online Help.

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