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September 23, 2018: hc1 CRM 7.4.0

With this hc1 CRM release, you will be able to upload attachments to patient records via the web service. We are also making other improvements to attachments, user profiles, and user access control.

Patient Attachments

You already can manually upload an attachment to a patient record through the  button on its Attachments tab. This release makes it possible to use the hc1 SFTP site to upload attachments to many patients. This process is the same as uploading attachments to any other type of record:

  1. Upload the attachment files to the appropriate SFTP folder.
  2. Send a separate CSV file titled Patients with information for at least the following required fields:
  • HostCodes: Unique patient ID.
  • FirstName: Must be separate from other name fields.
  • LastName: Must be separate from other name fields.
  • OrganizationHostCodes: Unique organization ID that matches an organization in hc1 or listed on the Organizations tab of the CSV file. May associate multiple orgs to a patient by using ^, as in Org100^Org200.
  • AttachmentSaveMode: Choices are insert, upsert, or update.
  • AttachmentName: Free text label for attachment.
  • AttachmentDescription: Free text explanation of attachment.
  • AttachmentFilename: The entire file directory path on the SFTP site, up to and including the name of the specific attachment file.
  • AttachmentResourceURL: Host name for SFTP site.
  • AttachmentResourceServerCredentialsName: Server Credentials name listed in hc1 CRM. Click , choose Interfaces, and click the Server Credentials tab to find this information.

Other hc1 CRM Improvements

In response to user feedback, this release also delivers these fixes:

  • You can add users to user profiles without getting a service exception error message. Before, if the user administration code couldn’t connect to the Healthcare Insight service when you were trying to add users to a user profile, you would get this error: “com.hc1.core.tenant.services.ServiceException: Error adding user to user setting profile.” We’ve changed the user administration code so that you can successfully add users even if the code can’t connect to the Healthcare Insight service.
  • You can upload attachments to cases and tasks without error. Before, you would see an error message stating, “There was an error during the upload attachment process. Please verify the file size is less than 10MB.” This error was caused by the upload process not being able to retrieve the ID of the activity the attachment was being uploaded to. We now save the activity before the upload process begins to ensure that the activity ID is sent through properly and this error doesn’t occur.
  • Users can view activity details even if they don’t have permission to see the users who are copied on the activity. Before, if the access control User Search Filter in your environment was set to Hierarchical, you would see an error message when you tried to view any activity that included a user from an access control node higher than yours in the cc Users field. Now, we’ve updated the cc Users field to not display such a user, but also show the rest of the activity details.
  • You can add subjects to tasks that lack them without getting an error. Before, you would sometimes get the “An error has occurred. Please contact the system administrator” message when you tried to add a subject to an activity that didn’t have one. The code that checked for changes to the Subject field caused this error because it didn’t properly account for null fields. We changed the code to prevent this error from occurring again.

 For more information about features related to these fixes, refer to these Online Help Pages:

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