From the Reports page, you can access default and core Healthcare Insight reports along with any content your Insight report writers have developed. Reports display columns from your company's hc1 database in a way that maximizes understanding and drives action.
The Reports page displays your available reports. To change how they are displayed, click Layout in the upper right corner of the page and choose either Thumbnails, Folders, or List. Many hc1 users find the Folders display easiest to navigate, particularly with a lot of available reports.
The quickest way to view a report is to click one of the down arrows in the My Content area to open the list and then click the name of the report you want to view. You have three lists from which to choose.
Note: In Thumbnail view, you can choose to display All as well.

  • My Favorites: You have marked these active reports as favorites. To put a report on the My Favorites list, click  when you are viewing the report.
  • Drafts: These are reports that you have worked on but not yet activated.

Note: To delete a draft report, click X next to its name in the Draft list. A box appears to ask you whether you are sure you want to delete this report. Click Ok.

  • Recently Accessed: These are the last 5 reports you have opened. If you click the drop-down arrow, you can choose either to move this report to the Favorites list, share it, or view it.

Note: In Thumbnail view, the list is just called Recent.
To find reports that match text and other criteria, use Search. In the Search box in the top left of the Reports page, type in a keyword and press Enter. To further narrow your results, click Advanced and choose additional criteria. Click either Basic Search or Go to run the search.

To get a quick glance of the report and its details in Folders or List view, click anywhere in the report's row except the name. The report's information appears on the left side of the page at the bottom of the Search bar. Click the report name to run the report. 

If filter information is required, you will have to complete that information first and then click to run the report.

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