To use hc1, you must sign in with a username and password. Your system administrator creates your hc1 account using your email address as your username. You create your own password when you sign in for the first time. You use both your username and password when you sign into hc1 after that.

To save yourself time when signing in, save the URL for your hc1 environment as a bookmark or favorite in your web browser. Confirm that the bookmarked URL ends in, with nothing afterwards, to ensure that the link will always take you to the right place.

If your company has set up foreign authentication with hc1, you just have to go to the hc1 URL your company provides and click the Sign In button to log into hc1. If you have not yet logged into your company’s authentication provider (such as Active Directory) at that point, you will be asked to enter those credentials.

When you first sign in to hc1, the CRM appears. To switch to ProviderView, hover your mouse pointer over  and click  ProviderView. To switch back to the CRM, hover your mouse pointer over  and click  CRM.

When you have finished your work in hc1 for the time being, hover your mouse pointer over  at the top right of the screen and click Log Out in the menu that appears. hc1 closes, and the Please Sign In page appears.

If you are inactive on hc1 for period of time, hc1 will log you out and display a message that your session has expired. When this happens, just sign in to hc1 again to resume working in it. Your system administrator sets the time period that hc1 waits before logging you out.
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