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A user-defined list is a component that you can add to a custom tab or record layout subtab or section to give your users more flexibility in finding, filtering, and sorting activity, opportunity, contact, and organization information. User-defined lists enable you to:

  • Create targeted case, task, memo, opportunity, contact, and organization lists for different groups of users
  • Include user-defined fields (UDFs) when you filter, sort, and display activity, opportunity, organization, and contact information
  • Add organization, contact, case, task, memo, and opportunity lists for use with the hc1 CRM™ app

Filtering Tips

Keep these behaviors in mind when you add filters to user-defined lists:

  • The Match operator looks for something that contains the value and is not case-sensitive.
  • The Equals operator looks for the same exact value and is case-sensitive.
  • For date and date time fields, you can enter relative dates. To enter relative dates, check the box, and then type + or -, a numeral, and a unit of measure in the Value. For example, -1d is one day before now, and +1d is one day after now. Possible measures are d (day), w (week), M (month), and y (year).
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