Attachments are files that are uploaded to and stored in hc1 that provide extra information about hc1 records. These files can be forms, pictures, audio and video clips, spreadsheets, and other kinds of documents. Organizations, contacts, patients, activities, opportunities, message templates, messages, and orders can have attachments.

 hc1 encrypts all stored attachments.

Attachments must be smaller than 10MB.

If you display the Attachments column in Notifications, Organizations, Contacts, Message Templates, Activities, or Opportunities pages, you see  next to records that have an attachment.

You can see what attachments a record has by opening its Attachments subtab.

Message attachments don’t appear on Attachments subtabs—they appear on the Messages subtabs on organizations, providers, contacts, campaigns, activities, opportunities, and patients. For more information, see View and Download Message Attachments. Likewise, order attachments only appear on Orders subtabs on organization, provider, and patient pages. For more information, see View and Download Order Attachments.

1.  Open the record:

  • In the search box at the top right of the page, start typing a name, host code, phone number, or other information.
  • In the search results box, click the record you want to open.

2.  Click the Attachments subtab.

3.  Click  and click the attachments list you want.

By default, hc1 shows all attachments. Your system administrator can create custom attachment lists for your company and make them available to everyone. You also can create your own custom attachments lists. See Create a Custom List. To quickly sort your attachments according to simple criteria, see Display Different Columns and Filter a List.

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