A contact is an employee of a company that your employer does business with, such as a lab, practice, testing site, clinic, hospital, ambulatory site, or accountable care organization. A provider is a specific type of contact, such as a physician, who has a National Provider Identifier (NPI).

You can open a contact or provider’s page in two main ways:

  • In the search box at the top of the hc1 page, type the person’s name, phone number, host code, or other search criteria. When the contact appears in the search results window, press the down arrow on the keyboard until the contact is highlighted. Then press Enter. You can use your mouse to navigate the results box as well by clicking the providers or contacts tab and clicking the person’s name.
  • On the main Contacts tab or the Contacts subtab on an organization’s page, click the contact or provider name.

To see a list of your contacts, click  Contacts near the top of the page. The box in the top left corner shows which contacts list you are seeing. To see a different list, click  and click the one you want in the menu that appears.

hc1 comes with three default contacts lists, all of which show the contact name, organization, record type (provider or contact), job title, phone number, email address, and host code columns:

  • All: This list shows all the contacts you have access to.
  • Recent: This list shows just those contacts that have been updated in the last week.
  • Providers: This list shows just providers.

You might see additional lists, because your system administrator can create custom lists and make them available to everyone. You also can create your own custom contacts lists. See Create a Custom List. To quickly sort your contacts according to simple criteria, see Display Different Columns and Filter a List.

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